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Boston early history

1500s early, the area of Boston was being visited by Europeans for Fishing and Trading with the Native Indians.

1607, the first English settlement was at Jamestown further south at Virginia.

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1616, large numbers of the Native Indians in the Boston area began dying from disease brought by the Europeans such as Smallpox.

1630, Boston was founded by English Settlers from the Town of Boston in Lincolnshire / England. These Settlers were Puritans, wanting a purer form of Protestantism than what was in England at the time.

1636-1637, the Pequot War in the Boston area was between the Settlers and Pequot Indians over the Settlers taking Land and Livestock from the Indians. The English Settlers, with the support of native Mohawk and Mohegan, managed to defeat the Pequot.

1763, after Wars with France, Britain gained control of the East Coast of America. The British were against Settlers moving West into Native Indian Territories.

To cover the cost of the War with France, the British began raising Taxes in America, leading to unrest.

1770, British Soldiers shot a number of people in Boston during an Uprising.

1773, the Boston Tea Party was another Uprising in Boston over Taxes on Tea.

1775–1783, the American Revolutionary War took place as Americans wanted to end British Rule and Taxes. This War ended with American Independence from Britain.

Independence from Britain allowed Frontiersmen to travel west for Furs and Hides, as well as mapping Trails to the best Land for Settlers, also looking for Gold and Silver.

1818, the first Steamships begin operating between Europe and America, leading to a huge increase in Migration.

1820s, large numbers of Catholic Irish begin traveling to Boston.

1820s, Settlers begin moving West in Wagon Trains into the Wild West.

1880s, Russians, Chinese, and many Europeans begin traveling to Boston, leading to the Boston seen today.