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Bridlington is a popular Beach Resort on the northeast coast of England, in Yorkshire, 41 miles east of York.

The Town is popular for its vast Beaches, many Boat Trips, Amusements, Fair Rides, Surfing, Leisure Centre with a Splash Zone, Harbour Fishing Museum, Bayle Museum, Large Priory, Walk along Cliff Tops, Model Village & Sewerby Hall & Gardens 2 miles north. See bottom of page for Area Attractions.

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The image top is of the vast South Beach at Bridlington with Road Trains running all day transporting people along the Beaches.

The Harbour is where you can take a number of Boat Trips from leisurely Cruises to Speed Boats that give 5 minute exhilarating trips around the Bay.

Boat Trips are: Yorkshire Belle . Pirate Ship . Speed Boats .

The Harbour area is surrounded with Diners, Amusements, and Fair Rides.

The Bronze Statue at the harbour is the Gansey Girl, erected in 2015 in honour of Bridlington Fishing Families.

Fishing here had been to supply the local area until the Railways arrived in 1846, leading to a large number of Boats catching vast amounts of Fish to supply much of England and areas in Europe. Although over fishing led to the decline of the White Fish industry in the area in the mid 1900s, Bridlington is still a major Shell Fish Port.

The North Beach runs towards Sewerby Cliffs 2 miles north. This is where Surfing began in England after two Hawaiian Princes traveled to England for education in 1890. The Princes began using Bridlington North Beach for Surfing, with locals soon having a go themselves.

Bridlington High Street is narrow with a good selection of small Shops.

The Bayle Museum is at the north end of the High Street at Kirkgate. This Museum is in the Gatehouse to a Castle complex from about the 1100s. Nothing remains of the Castle.

The Gatehouse has been used as a Court, Prison, and now a Museum covering the History of Bridlington and Local Area.

Bridlington Priory is next to the Gatehouse, built from the 1100s in the Castle Complex. At over 400 feet long, it is one of the most impressive Churches in Yorkshire.

Sewerby and Cliffs are 2 miles north of Bridlington centre with a Path all the way, or there is a huge Car Park at the Cliffs.

Bondville Model Village is by the Car Park at Sewerby Cliffs, built from 1987 with over 200 buildings such as a Castle, Abbey and Harbour.

Sewerby Hall is next to the Model Village with a large Car Park by the Hall. The Hall was built from 1714 for the Greame family, now open for Tours, Gardens, Shop, Cafe, and Zoo. You can also watch Cricket and Bowls by the Hall.

Area Attractions

Bridlington Animal Park 3 miles south YO15 3QF

Flamborough 5 miles north with a Lighthouse, Nature Reserve, Scenic Coves, Castle Ruin, St Michaels Church, and a good selection of Cafes and Diners. Map

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