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London is the largest city in England with a vast number of attractions such as castles, palaces, churches and museums of every kind. City Bus Tours

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There are a number of Day Trips from London to the top attractions around England.

London was founded after the Roman invasion of England in 43AD. The Romans built a bridge over the River Thames, then named the town that grew around the bridge Londinium.

The Anglo-Saxon's took control of England soon after the Roman's withdrew in the 400s. Their capital and Royal Residence was at Winchester, 61 miles southwest.

The Norman's took control of England in 1066, leading to the building of the Tower of London. This led to London becoming the Royal Residence, home of Government, and capital of England.

The current Royal Family under King Charles, have a number of Palaces where they live. The Kings London residences are at Buckingham Palace in London centre, and at Windsor Castle 23 miles west.

Other members of the Royal Family have London residences at Kensington Palace, St James's Palace, and Clarence House that is attached to St James's Palace.

The main Royal Church in London is Westminster Abbey where many Royals are buried, along with many famous UK people.

St Paul's Cathedral is where Royal events too large for Westminster Abbey are held, such as the wedding of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer.

There are also a number of Royals buried at the large St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle.

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