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Robin Hood's Bay is a Village on the northeast coast of England, in Yorkshire, 50 miles northeast of York, 6 miles south of Whitby, 16 miles north of Scarborough.

Robin Hood's Bay is popular for Dining, Beach, Old Coastguard Visitor Centre, two Churches, Photography and Painting.

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The image top is of St Stephen's Church on the south main road down into Robin Hood's Bay on Thorpe Lane, built from 1870. This Church replaced the earlier Old St Stephen's Church on the outskirts of the Village on Raw Pasture Bank. The Old Church can be visited.

The second image is of the Victoria Hotel sitting high above the Bay with a large Garden with seating for outdoor drinks and meals. This Hotel was built in 1897, a time Tourist numbers to the area were increasing.

Parking for the Village is by the Victoria Hotel with a steep walk down into the old section of Robin Hood's Bay. There are only a few parking spaces by the Harbour, so you should avoid driving down.

On the walk down you pass a number of Cafes, Bars, Ice Cream Shops, and a number of little Local Shops.

At the Beach is the Old Coastguard Station with a Visitor Centre giving information on the Area and History.

The Beach stretches for miles north and south, often with an Ice Cream Van on the Beach. The Beach is a popular place to look for Fossils.

The Bay Hotel is at the Beach opposite the Old Coastguard Station, built in 1828 as the New Inn.

Robin Hood from the 1300s is said to have captured French Pirates that had been raiding the Yorkshire Coast, returning belongings to this Village, with the Village then becoming known as Robin Hood's Bay.

Most of the Houses seen today, down in the Old Village, were built in the 1600s and 1700s when Fishing was the main industry in the area.

From the 1700s, Smuggling escalated along this coast to save paying Tax to the King. Brandy, Gin, Rum, Tea and Tobacco were most profitable items to Smuggle. Robin Hood's Bay was ideal for Smuggling with its narrow streets built into the hillside, difficult for the Excise Men to find the Smuggled Goods.

Villagers had a number of encounters with Excise Men at this time, from Fights at the Dock, to Battles between Gun Boats in the Bay.

Robin Hood's Bay has been popular for a number of Novels and Films, with Films including:

1897 - the Dracula novel by Bram Stoker includes scenes from Robin Hood's Bay.

1935 - the film Turn of the Tide was made here about rival Fishing Families.

2008 - the film Wild Child had some scenes shot at Robin Hood's Bay, about a US Girl sent to Boarding School in England.

2017 - the film Phantom Thread starring Daniel Day-Lewis has some scenes at Robin Hood's Bay about Fashion and Romance.

Robin Hoods Bay is also one of the most Painted Villages in the UK, with a good range of Paintings and Prints for sale. Website.

I visited Robin Hoods Bay early in the morning for sunny pics from the east with a low tide, then returned later in the day when when there was a high tide. Coastal Villages can be tricky to get good pics, Warm, Sun in the right direction, Tide times, and Weekends or School Holidays when they are busy all help.

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