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Runswick Bay is a Village on the northeast coast of England, in Yorkshire, 53 miles northeast of York, 14 miles north of Whitby.

Runswick Bay is popular for its scenic old Fishing Village, Painting, Photography, long Sandy Beach with Caves and for Fossil Hunting, and a dramatic Coastal Walk.

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The image top is from the Coastal Walk looking north to Runswick Bay. This is part of the Cleveland Way, 110 miles / 177km long.

The second image is from the Beach showing the old part of the Village by the Sea. There are a number of Caves along this coast, also Coastal Erosion makes this a good spot for Fossil Hunting.

The Village has a few large Car Parks close to the beach where you can hire small Boats, Boards, and Kayaks. You can also take Kayak Lessons to visit Caves along the Coast.

1682 - the original Village was destroyed by a Landslide, leading to the Village seen today being built a short distance further south, with claims nobody was killed in the landslide.

1866 - a Life Boat Station was built at Runswick Bay.

1880s - Runswick Bay was home to a number of Artists, with the Village still popular for Paintings and Prints, Website.

1970 - a Seawall of large boulders was completed at Runswick Bay to hold back Coastal Erosion.

1978 - the Lifeboat Station was moved to Staithes 3 miles north, with the building at Runswick Bay now run by Volunteers operating a Rescue Boat.

The part of the Village higher up, has a Camping and Touring site, Runswick Bay Hotel, and more Modern Houses.

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