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J Parker likes to think of himself as a budding Alexander Graham Bell.

Inventions are things that have made humans what they are today, from the simple wheel, to 200 mile per hour hyper cars.


The Inventions below have not yet been Invented, or made it big in the Market yet, at least not to my knowledge in early 2014.

Personal Robot/Computer - that you can Program yourself into, Photos, Thoughts, Memories and Life Experiences, Live Forever.

The first people to use Personal Robot Computers will be Musicians and Actors, with people being able to hire their Data, so they can chat to them from their their own Home Computers or Smart Phones.

Swivel Sun Lounger- so you get a more Even Tan.

Larger Mobile Phones - about 7 inches by 5 inches, ideal for the Internet, Gaming, Reading, Plus still fit in many pockets. Update: Plus Size Smart Phones began selling in 2017, about 6 inches by 4 inches, so getting close.

Smaller Houses - Kitchen and Living Room combined with a Bed Sofa, and separate Bathroom, that is inexpensive to buy, heat and maintain, about 15 ft square all together, ideal for singles and couples for starter homes.

Two Seater Car/Motorbikes - like a Motor Bike with four wheels, a cabin and tilts when going round corners, fun and practical. Update: some companies have built these type of vehicles, but are too expensive to attract many buyers. They have to be really inexpensive.

Protein Biscuits - made from Vegetables, Fruit and Plants, as eating meat will one day be seen as vile, and cooking a waste of time and fuel.

Protein Fries with a dip, bit like McNuggets, made from Vegetables, Fruit and Plants, as eating meat will one day be seen as vile.

Clothing - with built in Heating System for really cold weather, and to save money on heating. Update: there are now a number of Companies producing Clothing with Heating Systems that mainly run off re-charge batteries.

Heating & Energy that comes from Holes drilled deep into the ground.

J Parker

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