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It has been claimed, by some, Joey Essex is not too bright, while others have claimed, he is not as dim as he comes across.

Without a clinical diagnosis, we have to attain, Joey is clever at what he wants to know, but what he wants to know, is not very much.


During the Im A Celebrity 2013, a smart ass TV presenter, found he could not compete with Joey in trials, claiming, to everyone's disbelief, Mr Essex had hidden talents. Again, during a memory challenge, he excelled with a score of 22 out of 25, a score most normal individuals would have found impossible.

Joey however, is not the finest advert for history teachers at his school, as during a scene on the TV show Celebrity Juice, he was asked if he knew who Richard and Judy were, Joey squirmed for a few seconds, then stated, sure I know who Richard and Judy are, there the people that created the world.

Holly Willerton, on the other team, almost bust her gusset laughing, so had to get up for a walk around, before the sound of snapping elastic filled the studio.

Joey's girlfriend Sam, had to inform him it was Adam and Eve that created the world, not Richard and Judy.

Joey could be excused for making such a simple error, getting the two couples mixed up, after all, Adam was accused of nicking an apple a few thousand years ago, and Richard was accused of nicking a bottle of champagne in 1994.

Joey Essex YouTube Video about Richard & Judy

J Parker

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