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Is Louis Walsh deranged or what?

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Page by: J Parker

Louis Walsh first became famous in 2004, after showing up as a judge on the ITV show the XFactor.

Most people wondered who the old guy was, and soon after, began wondering if the old guy was right in the head.


A quick check into Louis history, showed he was more suited to this role than many believed. Walsh had been an entertainment manager in Ireland for many years, and was blamed for finding Johnny Logan, Boyzone, and Westlife.

His comments on the show led to fury throughout the land, as people were sick of listening to him ranting, over and over again, You Owned That Stage, You Made It Your Own, and You Have To Be In The Final. Nobody seemed to have informed Louis, you could not have 10 people in the final.

In the run up to the 2008 series, newspapers began reporting, Simon Cowell had hired writers, to produce new materiel for Louis to use in his comments.

Viewers were stunned when they began hearing his new materiel, such as, Your Hair Is Like A Birds Nest, He Is Better Than Jason Donovan, Your Like A Teenage Lenny Henry, and I Don't Like Simon Cowell's New Face, I Preferred The Old One .

Not sure how much Cowell had paid these people, but if it was more than ten bob, he was robbed.

J Parker

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