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President Trump

Page by: J Parker

Facts about how Donald J Trump became President of the United States, sensational to say the least.

Donald Trump

This story will no doubt be used to produce the top movie of all time. You could not write a script to come close to this.


2011 March - during an interview on Good Morning America, Donald Trump stated he was seriously considering running for president, and that he was a little skeptical of Obama's US citizenship.

2013 October - German Chancellor Angela Merkel confronted President Obama over allegations US inelegance had been monitoring her mobile phone calls.

2015 March - an investigation begins into Hilary Clinton using her family's private email server for State Department emails, some claimed to be classed as Top Secrete.

2015 June 16th - Donald Trump announced he would run as a Republican for President of the United States in the 2016 election.

Trump announced his main policies were to Make America Great Again, build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico to keep out undocumented immigrants, create jobs by lowering corporation tax, lower the cost of health care, and be tough on terrorism.

His main competitors for the Republican nominee position were Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Marco Rubio, and Governor Jed Bush.

The Democrat race was taking place at the same time between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

2015 Dec 2nd - a Muslim terrorist attack in California left 14 people dead and 22 seriously injured.

2015 Dec 7th - Trump states: Donald J Trump is calling for a total and complete shut down of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.

2016 Feb - Trump re-tweeted a message suggesting Rubio and Cruz did not qualify to run for president due to their parents and place of birth.

2016 March 3rd - during a Fox News debate, Trump starts to refer to Marco Rubio as Little Marco.

2016 March 16th - WikiLeaks releases 30 thousand emails & email attachments sent to and from Hillary Clinton's private email server.

The leaked emails lead to Trump referring to Hillary Clinton as Crooked Hillary, and states during a number of speeches, he will have her locked up.

2016 May 3rd - Trump states he read an article about the father of Ted Cruz being photographed with Lee Harvey Oswald shortly before he shot President John F Kennedy.

Trump also uses the frase from around that time - Lyin Ted Cruz.

2016 May - the first of a number of women become involved in the election by accusing Trump of Historic Sexual Misconduct. There were around 20 between then and the end of the election process.

Trump's ratings continued to increase during all the mud slinging, leading to him being referred to by some in the media as Teflon Trump.

2016 July 19th - Trump beat off his closest rival Cruz to became the Republican Party's presidential nominee.

2016 July 26th - The Democratic convention formally nominated Hillary Clinton to run against Trump for president.

2016 June 27th - reports claimed Bill Clinton met Attorney General Loretta Lynch on her private plane at Phoenix International Airport. Lynch was the top official dealing with the Hillary Clinton case, claimed to have been visibly shaken by the encounter with Bill Clinton on the plane.

2016 July 5th - FBI Director Comey recommended no charges are appropriate in the case against Hillary Clinton.

2016 July - an audio tape is given to the press where Trump is heard bragging about groping women and getting away with it because he was a star.

2016 Oct - FBI investigate former Congressman Anthony Weiner over allegedly sending sexually explicit texts to a fifteen-year-old girl. They discovered emails on Weiner's computer connected to the case of Hillary Clinton.

2016 Oct 28th - Comey informed Congress he was to re-open the case on Hillary Clinton.

2016 Nov 6th - Comey announces the new evidence in the Hillary Clinton case should not lead to charges.

2016 Nov 9th - Trump wins the Presidency of the United States becoming the 45th President, shocking most of the world.

2016 Nov 10th - 12th - a number of European leaders appear on TV voicing their disapproval of some of Trump's policies and treatment of women. These included Germany, France, and Scotland.

2016 Dec 30th - President Obama expels 35 Russian diplomats after accusing Russia of hacking the Democrat National Committee to obtain information that helped Trump win the election. Claims were the Russians gave the information to WikiLeeks, and ran the information on RT (Russian Television).

2017 Jan 4th - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange states a 14-year-old could have hacked into the emails of Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta as his password was (password). Assange refused to state who hacked the emails, but claims it was not the Russian's.

2017 Jan 10th - a number of US media companies, including CNN, report on a 35 page dossier claiming the Russians have evidence and tapes that could be used to blackmail Trump.

The report states: in 2013, Trump hired escorts to urinate on a bed in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Moscow, a bed used by President Obama and his wife when they visited Moscow in July 2009.

US Senator John McCain admits it was he who handed the dossier over to the FBI.

2017 Jan 11th - during a news conference in New York, Trump claimed the report had been done by sick people and suggested intelligence agencies had leaked it.

During the news conference, Trump refused to take questions from a CNN reporter, claiming they were Fake News.

Later that day, James Clapper, US Director of National Intelligence, phoned Trump to state he did not believe the US intelligence community leaked the document.

2017 Jan 12th - Former British MI6 spy Christopher Steele is exposed as putting together the Russian dossier on Trump. Reports at the time state he was paid £130,000 by opponents of Trump to produce the dossier.

Many US media companies refused to run the story, claiming the dossier looked unprofessional, and they could not find proof of the allegations.

Many UK media companies run stories claiming Steel was credible and trustworthy.

Steel disappeared with his family at that time, leaving his cats with a neighbour. Overnight, Steel had become the most known secrete agent in the world, with reports MI6, CIA, and the KGB were keen to chat with him.

Reports state Steel may be concerned about being used as a crash test dummy, target practice for a lone gunman, poked by a poison tipped umbrella, or being duped into drinking tea that glows in the dark.

2017 Jan 13th - Theresa May, the UK Prime Minister states: It is absolutely clear that the individual who produced this dossier has not worked for the UK government for years.

2017 Jan 13th - the Justice Department inspector general states he is to investigate FBI boss James Comey's decision to re-open the Clinton email probe in November 2016.

Comey and the FBI were accused by some Democrats of re-opening the case to help Trump win the election.

2017 Jan 14th, Trump states his people will complete an investigation into interference in the election within the first 90 days of his presidency.

2017 Jan 19th - CNN run a story about what could happen if President Elect Trump and Vice President Elect Pence were assassinated during the Inauguration, insinuating Obama could return to power.

Many people accuse CNN of trying to encourage the assassination of President Trump and Vice President Pence.

2017 Jan 20th - Inauguration day sees Donald Trump officially become president of the United States.

2017 Jan 21st - during a huge women's Rights march in Washington DC, the singer Madonna states during a speech (she had thought an awfull lot about blowing up the White House).

After rumors spread the secret service were to investigate Madonna, she tweeted Fuck the Secret Service, then soon deleted that tweet after realizing all her phone calls, social media activity, banking activity, and Internet activity could be investigated.

2017 Jan 21st - the new White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer Delivers Statements to the press in his first press conference as Press Secretary.

Spicer used this opportunity to to let the press know the new administration were extremely unhappy that some members of the media were engaged in false reporting such as stating the bust of Martin Luther King had been removed from the oval office.

Spicer tore into the press for a few minutes stating they would be holding the press accountable, then left refusing any of the press the right to ask questions.

2017 early - Trump states a number of Media companies were producing Fake News to undermine him, these included CNN and the BBC of the UK.

2017 Jan 22nd - Trump starts to change the trade deals he stated he would during his campaign, i.e. Mexico, Canada & Asia.

2017 Jan 24th - Trump signs an order to allow the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines.

2017 Jan 25th - Trump states he is going ahead with the wall between the US and Mexico and wants Mexico to pay.

2017 Jan 27th - Trump meets Theresa May of the UK for talks on trade.

2017 Jan 28th - Trump states he is starting extreme vetting of Muslims wanting to enter the US - and will have a temporary ban on mainly muslims from seven counties. These countries are accused of not having acceptable facilities from were the US can obtain information on their citizens.

2017 Jan 29th - fairly large protests break out throughout the US demanding Trump stop the temporary ban on Muslims entering the US. Most press cover the protests as if they are speaking for the majority.

2017 Jan 30th - a poll finds only 33% of American's are against the Trump partial ban on Muslims.

2017 Feb 1st - Trump warns Iran that testing ballistic missiles is unacceptable.

2017 Feb 2nd - Homeland Security secretary Gen. John F. Kelly stated he wants the U.S.-Mexico border wall finished in two years.

2017 Feb 2nd - Trump begins sanctions on Iran over missile testing.

2017 Feb 4th - a federal judge puts a temporary block on Trumps order to prevent people from 7 countries entering the US. Trump vows he will overturn the temporary ban stating it is a ridiculous ruling by a so-called judge.

2017 Feb 17th - Michael Flynn: Trump's national security adviser resigns over accusations he had withheld evidence about what he had spoken about with Russian diplomats during the election campaign.

2017 March 5th - Trump calls for an investigation of Obama over abuse of power whilst president, concerning phones of Trump being monitored.

2017 March 6th - Trump signs a second order to ban mainly muslims, this time from six counties, Iraq is excluded from the second order.

2017 April 7th - Trump has 59 Tomahawk missiles fired at a Syrian airbase in response to many civilians having being killed by chemicals.

The Russians and Syrian government forces claim the chemicals were in a terrorist warehouse that they bombed - the Syrian opposition forces and terrorists claimed the chemicals were from a chemical bomb dropped from a Syrian government aircraft.

2017 April 14th - Trump has a huge bomb dropped on caves in Afghanistan to kill many Taliban fighters.

2017 May 10th - Trump fires FBI Director James Comey. Mainstream media report it was because Comey was continuing to investigate Trump having links to Russia.

2017 - Trump conducts military operations around North Korea for months and keeps threatening to nuke North Korea if necessary.

2017 August 18 - Trump sacks Steve Bannon as the White House Chief Strategist.

2017 late - North Korea claim they have developed Nuke Missiles capable of hitting the USA.

2017 late - Trump states any country breaking the trade sanctions against North Korea will no longer trade with the US. A number of countries including China were accused of illegal trading with North Korea, meaning the sanctions were not as effective as they should have been.

2018 January 11th - Trump states at a White House meeting a number of countries around the world where many migrants are trying to gain entry to the USA are Shitholes. The press try to use this remark to portray him as a racist.

2018 January - North Korea and South Korea begin peace talks.

2018 January - Trump claims his war of words with the leader of North Korea on TV and Twitter have led to the peace talks.

The exchanges were about both leaders insinuated they were mad enough to launch Nuke missiles at each other.

2018 January - Trump claims his policies are working with unemployment down and the economy strong.

2018 January - CNN ran a story about Trump that was factual without one remark about his personality.

2018 January - Michael Wolff's book Fire and Fury goes on sale claiming to have inside information on disputes in the White House.

2018 Jan 12th - the Wall Street Journal reported Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, paid the porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000 in October 2016 so she would deny having an affair with Trump in 2006.

2018 Jan 17th - Trump holds his Fake News Awards with the New York Times, ABC News and CNN in the top 3 positions.

2018 March 4th, the Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter were poisoned in Salisbury in the UK. The UK claimed the Russians poisoned Skripal, the Russians claimed the UK poisoned him.

The UK and US deported many Russian diplomats over the Skripal case.

2018 April 7th, there are reports of a chemical attack in the Syrian city of Douma, claimed to be by Syrian Government forces.

Syrian forces and the Russians claim there was either no chemical attack, or the attack was staged so the rebels could gain International military help.

2018 April 10th - Trump, France and the UK state they intend to attack Syria before a full investigation is held into the attack.

2018 April 13th - the Russians claim the UK was behind the claim there was a chemical attack in Syria and they had evidence.

Trump is left to wonder if the UK are using him in their disputes with Russia. The UK ex-agent tried to fit Trump up for the urinating on a Russian hotel bed, the UK convinced Trump the Russians poisoned a double agent in the UK, and the UK are accused of being involved in a fake chemical attack in Syria.

2018 April Saturday 14th - Trump orders attacks on Syria just hours before the Chemical Weapons Inspectors reached the scene of the alleged chemical attack.

The UK and France took part in the attacks. UK people knew the attacks had to be carried out before Monday as the UK parliament returned on Monday and may have blocked UK involvement in the attack.

Trump is accussed of carrying out the attack to distract from the constant US media attacks over his affair with a porn model and much more. The UK are accused of carrying out the attack as they want to be seen to be tough on Russia for their Brexit negotiations, i.e. the EU need the UK to combat Russia.

In the same week Trumps solicitor is being investigated for paying a large sum of money to a US Porn Model to prevent her alleged connections to Trump from surfacing, Trump fires about 100 cruise missiles into Syria where there are many Russian military based, risking the start of World War Three. Surely the end of the World could not be over a porn model or any of Trumps other personal legal cases?

Politicians in the US, UK and France start campaigning for parliaments to have to give approval before military attacks can be conducted on other countries in future.

2018 April Saturday 14th - UK newspapers track down alleged victims of the Douma chemical attack, including a little girl in the video. A health check on the girl should show if she was poisoned or not.

2018 April Saturday 14th - the Weapons Inspectors enter Syria for their research on the reported Chemical Attack in the Syrian city of Douma.

CNN start praising Trump for firing missiles into Syria, a country where Russian military are based.

2018 April 15th - the little girl from the video is seen in a refugee camp on western TV with no visable signs of health problems, but states she thought there had been a chemical attack as she could smell chemicals.

2018 April 15th - the former FBI Director James Comey, that Trump fired in May 2017, starts promoting a book he wrote about Trump being un-fit to serve as President.

2018 April 15th - Syrian people are seen walking around an alleged chemical site hit by missiles without wearing any protective clothing.

2018 April 16th - the UK report the Russians are preventing the Chemical Weapons Inspectors from investigating the site in Douma.

The Russians state the investigation has been delayed due to secuity issues after the Western air stikes on Syria.

2018 April 16th - the former US porn model Stormy Daniels states on TV she is going to tell all about her connections to Trump.

Many US citizens begin stating part of the reason they voted for Trump was because he stated during his presidential campaign he wanted to get on with Russia and wanted to stop US forces from getting involved in wars in the Middle East.

2018 April 16th - the book by James Comey goes on sale giving his views of his meetings with Trump.

2018 April 17th - UK media report there has to be a massive clean-up in Salisbury to remove all traces of the Chemical Poison put on the Russian double agents door handle and spread from there around the city. The clean up is said to take months with around 200 military involved.

2018 April 18th - Therasa May anounces in Parliament the Russians are tampering with the alleged Chemical Bomb site in Syria, seemingly indicating they could remove all traces of a chemical bomb in a few days.

2018 April 19th - Russian TV interviews a little boy from the Chemical Attack Video in Douma with no health problems. The boy and his family, still living in Douma, state someone was shouting there had been a chemical attack then started pouring water over them causing panic amongst the children.

2018 May 8th - Trump pulls out of the Iran agreement stating he will re-introduce sanctions until Iran gives up all its nuclear ambitions, development of long range missiles, and stops backing armed groups in the area.

2018 May 8th - Israel aircraft attack Iranian forces in Syria, claiming the Iranian forces are encroaching on Israeli land and had fired missiles into Israeli land.

2018 June 12th - Trump meets the leader of North Korea, signing an agreement that North Korea will destroy all its Nuclear weapons and the US will stop military exercises in South Korea.

2019 March 24th - the Robert Muller investigation concluded Trump and his Aides never colluded with Russia during the 2016 election process.

August 2019 - Trump starts putting 10% Tariffs on Chinese goods so as to even up Trade between the two countries.

October 2019 - Trump states he is putting 25% tariffs of some European goods, claimed to be retaliation for the Europeans subsidizing their Aircraft Industry. Scotch Whisky is one of the products hit by Trumps Tariffs, leading to claims he was getting his own back for the Scottish Government installing huge Wind Turbines next to his new Golf Course by Aberdeen in Scotland.

Updates will be added, no doubt even more interesting events will take place, and the outcome of many of his policies will soon be showing if they are working or not.

J Parker

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