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Page by: J Parker

Top Gear began in 1977 as a true car show, giving information on vehicles, most citizens in the UK could hope to own.

Later, it was all about three idiots traveling around the world in super cars, or hyper cars, as many are now known, anything from £60,000 to £3 million.


The BBC was spending vast amounts of money, producing a car show, that was as useful as a condom to a pensioner.

As a comedy show though, it was quite brilliant, one of the best on TV. Also, as a chat show, it attracted all the top celebrities from around the world.

Jonathan Wos, top chat host in the UK, and Jay Leno from the US, have to ply their celebrities with large bags of cash, or gold. Top Gear however, gives them an hour bombing round an old airfield in a clapped out family car.

This must be considered one of the most successful marketing ploys of all time. The only other company to achieve similar success, for as little outlay, was PG Tips, as the stars of their adverts, were happy to work for a few bananas.

Jeremy Clarkson, in his mid 50s, had been the main presenter of the show since 1988. He specializes in ripping the piss out of people from the midlands, and from the north, developing an excellent interpretation of their language.

Clarkson however, is at his best when ridiculing our cousins from across the pond, the Americans. He has stated for years, these people are so incompetent, they are incapable of building a motor vehicle, that can go round a corner.

In a Top Gear special in 2007, the three omegos from Top Gear, were sent to America to buy an American vehicle for under $1,000, then drive it from Miami to New Orleans.

Mid way on their epic journey, Clarkson was seen tearing down a highway, with a pickup full of angry Americans in hot pursuit, brandishing guns and clubs.

When the camera crew finally caught up with Clarkson, they were relieved to find he had avoided becoming the main attraction at a funeral.

After changing his boxers, and emptying his guccies, Clarkson seemed to become a great admirer of all things American.

J Parker

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