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Tombstone early history

1877, Tombstone was founded after vast quantities of Silver were found in that area of southern Arizona, close to the border with Mexico, home to the Apache Indians.

1877, Newman Clanton bought land for Cattle Ranching 15 miles from Tombstone. Clanton, Sons, Workers and Friends were soon accused of being involved in Cattle Rustling and Robbing Stage Coaches, referred to as the Cowboys.

1879, Virgil Earp was appointed Marshal of Tombstone with orders to keep the Cowboys under control. His brothers Wyatt and James traveled to Tombstone with him for work on Silver Mines or Stage Coaches. His other brothers Morgan and Warran followed in 1880.

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As tensions grew between Virgil and the Cowboys, Virgil invited his friend Doc Holliday to Tombstone. Holliday was a Dentist, professional Gambler, and Gunman.

Virgil later appointed Wyatt and Morgan Earp as Deputies after the Cowboys began bragging they were going to Kill the Earp's.

People in the area were normally Heavily Armed due to fights with the Apache, so a Law was passed in Tombstone that all Guns and Knifes should be handed in when entering Tombstone.

1881 October 26, locals told Virgil they had seen the Cowboys by the OK Coral with Pistols and Rifles.

This area was where Doc Holiday was staying, and on the route to where the Earp's lived.

Fearing an ambush, Virgil, Wyatt, Morgan and Doc Holliday went to confront the Cowboys. The three Earp's were carrying Pistols, Doc Holliday was carrying a Shotgun and Pistol.

Just past the OK Coral, the Earp's found six Cowboys in an Alley, Ike and Billy Clanton, Billy Claiborne, Wes Fuller, and Tom and Frank McLaury, some with Pistols. They also had two Horses with Rifles in their Scabbards. Only about 10 feet separated both groups.

Virgil shouted at the Cowboys, Throw up your hands, I want your Guns.

It is unclear who drew their Pistol first, but within seconds most were firing off their Pistols as fast as they could. Doc Holliday went round one of the Horses and Shot Tom McLaury at point blank range with the Shotgun, killing him instantly.

Doc Holliday then drew his Pistol and joined the Shootout. The fight was over in about 30 seconds, after about 30 Shots had been fired.

Ike Clanton, Billy Claiborne and Wes Fuller had ran from the scene as soon as the Shooting began.

Tom MaLaury was first to die after being shot by Doc Holiday, Frank McLaury died after being shot in the head, and Billy Clanton died from his wounds soon after. The three that ran from the fight, later claimed they were un-armed.

Virgil, Morgan and Doc Holiday had minor wounds.

Billy Clanton, Tom McLaury and Frank McLaury were buried in Boot Hill Cemetery on the outskirts of Tombstone, a popular Tourist Destination today, along with the OK Coral.

1881 December 28, Virgil Earp was Shot with a Shotgun when patrolling Tombstone, said to have been by Ike Clanton. Virgil survived, moving to California to recuperate.

1882 March 18, Morgan Earp was Shot in the back while playing Billiards in Tombstone, later dying of his wound. Morgan was buried in Colton, California.

Wyatt Earp and a Posse then went to hunt down the Cowboys he believed were involved in the Shootings of his Brothers, soon killing Frank Stilwell, Indian Charlie, Curly Bill Brocius, and Johnny Barnes.

Ones Wyatt could not catch, Johnny Ringo was found dead July 14, 1882 with a gunshot to the head, Ike Clanton was shot June 1, 1887 for cattle rustling, and Phineas Clanton died of natural causes in 1906.

Wyatt Earp and his Wife then moved to Colorado to run a Saloon.

1884, Wyatt moved to Idaho in search of Gold and Silver.

1887, Wyatt moved to California to work in Real Estate.

1898, Wyatt opened a Saloon in Nome northwest Alaska at the time of the Klondike and Nome Gold Rushes.

1902, Wyatt moved to Tonopah, Nevada were there was a Gold and Silver boom, with Wyatt and his Wife opening a Saloon and working in Law Enforcement.

1910, the Earp's moved back to California, with Wyatt working with the Law at times, transporting Criminals, and dealing with Claim Jumpers.

1929 Jan 13, Wyatt died of chronic cystitis in Los Angels aged 80.

Wyatt Earp's ashes were buried at the Jewish Hills of Eternity Cemetery in Colma, California.