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Below is a Manual List of websites for UK News Papers with links to their websites. They all have good news websites as well.

UK Daily News Papers

Express - News, Sport, Competitions, Ent & Money

Financial Times - UK & inter business, finance, political news

Guardian - world news, sports, business, analysis, reviews

Independent - international & local news, sports & more

Morning Star - only English-language socialist daily

Mail - news, sport, showbiz, stories around the world

Mirror - pictures, analysis, opinion, video & top stories

Star - latest news, sport and showbiz

Sun - with news, sports, and showbiz

Telegraph - news, business, sport, lifestyle & culture

Times - UK & world news, sport, business, crosswords

UK Sunday News Papers

Star on Sunday - latest news, sport and showbiz

Independent on Sunday - international & local news, sports

Sunday Express - news, sport, horoscope , competitions, enter

Sunday Mirror - pictures, analysis, opinion and videos

Mail on Sunday - sport, showbiz, science, health, world

Guardian - news, sport, business, money, life & style

Sun on Sunday - with news, sports, and showbiz

Sunday Telegraph - business, sport, lifestyle and culture

Times - news, business, sport, style, travel

Scotland News Papers

Daily Record & Sunday Mail - latest news, sport, UK, world

Scotsman - Scotland's news, sports, business, national & inter

Sunday Post - news, human interest and short features

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