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Below is a list of the top York Attractions in England with Websites, Phone Numbers, Images and links to Maps and Reviews.

York Minster Cathedral is situated to the north of York centre, and York Castle to the south, they are about 0.6 of a mile apart with most of the attraction in the area between them.

The Attractions are listed in order to Walk Round, use your Phone if lost and tap the Postcode and your Phone will take you to the Attractions. Is easy to get lost in York as there are many narrow Streets in all directions.

Click on Post-Codes for Reviews and Maps.

National Railway MuseumNational Railway Museum
By York Train Station. The NRM in York has a collection of over 100 locomotives, most of them ran on UK railways, or were built in the UK. The top attraction is the record breaking Flying Scotsman that has been restored to run on the main east coast line. Free Entry. Phone number 03300 580 058.
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York City Walls image

York City Walls
Around York centre. The Old City Walls are claimed to be the most intact city walls in England, about 2.5 miles in length, with 4 main Bars/Gates. The Gates serve as gateways into the oldest parts of the City. Most of the Walls are from the Norman era, and some from the Roman's and Viking's. You can walk around yourself for free, or take a guided tour. This image is from walking down the Wall from the Train Station to York Minster Cathedral.
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York Minster Cathedral image

York Minster Cathedral
On Deangate in the centre of York, 234 feet high, 524 feet long, built from 1220-1480. York Minster is a huge Gothic Cathedral , the City's top attraction, and one of the top visitor attractions in the UK. This is the largest Gothic Cathedral in the UK, 4th largest Gothic cathedral in the world by volume after Seville, Cologne & Amiens. Charges to enter are about £18 adult, free children. Phone number 01904 557 200.
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Treasurers HouseTreasurers House
City centre close to the Cathedral on Minster Yard. This is said to be the first house ever given to the National Trust with a complete collection. Its history spans 2,000 years, with a Roman road in the cellar. The property is said to be haunted, and has sunken garden. Entry about £10 per adult, £5 per child. Phone number 01904 624 247.
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King's ManorKing's Manor
By the Cathedral, next to the Art Gallery on Exhibition Square. A number of Grade I medieval buildings that give an insight to the past. Originally the Abbot's House of St Mary's Abbey, the King's Manor was the Tudors and Stuarts seat of government, also serving as a school in the 1800s. Tel: 01904 328 431. Entry free.
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Yorkshire MuseumYorkshire Museum & Art Gallery
City centre by the Cathedral on Exhibition Square. The Yorkshire Museum holds the Cawood Sword, claimed to be one of the top Viking swords ever discovered. Its four permanent collections, are: biology, geology, archaeology and astronomy. Entry about £9.50 per adult children £5. The Art Gallery is Free to all. Phone number 01904 687 687. Large Image
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St Mary's AbbeySt Mary's Abbey & Museum Gardens
York Centre next to the Yorkshire Museum. This is a ruined Benedictine Abbey situated in the Yorkshire Museum Gardens, a short walk west York Minster Cathedral. The original Abbey on the site was founded in 1055, dedicated to Saint Olave. Free visits. Exhibits may have a charge.
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There are a number of old Buildings in this area, and some of the best parts of the Old City Walls to explore.

York Mansion House image

York Mansion House
York centre a few hundred yards southeast of St Mary's Abbey on St Helen's Square. The Mansion House is claimed to be an architectural masterpiece holding an extensive collection of silver, paintings and furniture. The house is the official residence of the Lord Mayor of York. Tours are about £6.50 per adult. Phone number 01904 553 663.
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GuildhallGuildhall York
York centre behind the Mansion House on St Martins Courtyard. The historic building from the 1400s, was a meeting place for the Guilds of York, wealthy people that controled trade in York. The building has been used for functions to entertain royals, and played a part in the English Civil War. Entry free. Phone number 01904 435 110.
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City Cruises York
From the Guild Hall, a number of Cruises available and Self Hire Small Boats. Phone number 02 077 400 400.
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Roman Bath Museum York image

Roman Bath Museum
City centre a short walk southeast of York Manison House on St Sampson's Square. The Baths were discoverd in 1930 during renovations to a tavern on St Sampson's Square in York. This small Museum is situated below the Roman Bath Pub, showing remains of the Baths and Artefacts of that era. Entry about £5 per adult. Phone number 01904 620 455.
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York's Chocolate Story web

York's Chocolate Story
City centre a short walk southeast Roman Bath Museum on Kings Square. Covers the history of Chocolate Making in York, including the Rowntree factory that opened in 1890. Entry about adult - £18.50, child over 4 - £16. Phone number 01904 527 765.
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The Shambles York image

The Shambles
In York centre about 200 yards south of the Chocolate Story. The Shambles is a famous old street in York, with overhanging timber framed buildings, some dating back to the 1300s. The street contains many small independant shops. There are many more narrow streets around the Cathedral, full of small shops, restaurants and bar diners, making the city centre a great place to shop and dine. Also in the area is the Shambles Market said to be the best daily open market in the North.
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Merchant Adventurers' HallMerchant Adventurers' Hall
A short walk southeast of The Shambles on Fossgate. This is a Medieval Guildhall, one of the top buildings in the City. The Great Hall is a timber framed building completed in 1368. The Hall is now used as a Museum, and can also be hired for parties, dinners, and weddings. Entry about £7 per adult children free. Phone number 01904 654 818. Interior Images
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JORVIK Viking CentreJORVIK Viking Centre
A short walk southwest of the Merchant Adventurers' Hall on Coppergate. The JORVIK Viking Centre shows Viking-Age streets as they would have been 1000 years back in time. Also with four exhibitions and the chance to meet a Viking. Price guide about £16 per adult, £11 per child or family tickets available. Phone number 01904 615 505.
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Fairfax HouseFairfax House
A short walk south of The Viking Centre on Castlegate. Claimed to be the finest Georgian town house in England. This was the winter home of Viscount Fairfax. The house contains Noel Terry furniture, clocks, paintings and decorative arts, one of the top private collections of the twentieth century. Admission about £8 per adult. Phone number 01904 655 543.
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York Dungeon
A short walk west of Fairfax House on Clifford Street. A journey through 2000 years of York's darkest history, covering the City's iconic characters. Admission about £21 per adult. Phone number 01904 632 599.
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Royal Dragoon Guards Museum York image

Royal Dragoon Guards Museum
A short Walk osutheast of the York Dungeon on Tower Street by York Castle. The Museum covers the Guards from present day to former regiments back to the late 1600s. Displays include uniforms, prints, paintings, weapons and Standards. Entry about £5 per adult. Phone number 1904 461 010.
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York Castle / Cliffords Tower image

York Castle / Cliffords Tower
Next to the Royal Dragoon Guards Museum on Tower Street. York Castle was built in stone from 1270 to replace an earlier wooden Castle on the site. The main Tower, sometimes referred to as Cliffords Tower, is all that remains of York Castle. The fortress walls and buildings were dismantled in the 1700s to be replaced by three large buildings. The new buildings were to serve as a Court and Prisons. Two of these buildings now serve as York Castle Museum. The famous highwayman Dick Turpin was tried and imprisoned here before his execution in 1739. Various Tour Prices from about £17 per adult, child £10. Phone number 01904 687 687.
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Dick Turpin Grave

Dick Turpin Grave / St George's Church
On Peel Street 0.3 of a mile southeast of York Castle free to visit. A Roman Catholic Church opened in 1850 on the site of a much earlier Church. Dick Turpin the famous Highwayman was burried in the Graveyard across the road form this Church in 1739 after being hanged for Horse Theft. Phone number 01904 623 728.
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Castle Howard

Castle Howard
From 1699, 16 miles northeast of York. Castle Howard is one of the top historic houses in the UK that can be visited, built for the Howard family. The building has been used in a number of TV shows and Films, the most known being Brideshead Revisited. House and gardens visits are from - adult £22, child £9. Garden only about £9. Phone number 1653 648 333.
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Fulford Golf Club web

Fulford Golf Club
About 2 miles south of York centre. Fulford Golf Club is York's Championship Course. The course is famous for Bernhard Langer playing a shot from about 15 feet up a tree onto the 17th green in the Benson & Hedges tournament in 1981. Price Guide: £125 per round. Tel: 01904 413 579.
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