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Chollerford and Humshaugh are small Villages 37 miles east of Carlisle, 23 miles west of Newcastle.

The Villages are popular for people visiting Hadrian's Wall with a Hotel/Bar Diner, an Inn, and a Riverside Tearoom. Many Walkers on the 84 mile Hadrian's Wall Path use this area for their second stop heading west, or second last stop heading east.

Attractions in the area include a Riverside Walk, Chesters Roman Fort half mile west, and St Oswald's Church with a Battlesite under 2 miles southeast.

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The image top is of the Bridge over the River Tyne with Chollerford on the other side. This Bridge was built in 1785 to replace a Medieval Bridge destroyed by a Flood in 1771.

The Bridge from Roman Times was built around the year 100 at Chesters Roman Fort, about a half mile west. After the Romans left England in the 400s, Chesters Bridge was destroyed so locals could use the stone for Buildings.

The second image is of the George Hotel in Chollerford a good spot for drinks and meals. The Hotel is next to the Bridge with River views.

The Riverside Tearooms & Campsite are across the road from the George Hotel. The road to the right here is the B6318 that runs west alongside Hadrian's Wall for about 17 miles, passing Forts, Museums, famous Tree at Sycamore Gap by Steel Rig, and the top high sections of the Wall.

The Crown Inn is in the small village of Humshaugh about a half mile north of Chollerford, another popular place for drinks and meals.

St Peter's Church is across the road from the Crown Inn, built in 1818 as a Parish Church.

Chollerford and Humshaugh History

633 - the Battle of Heavenfield took place here between a Northumbrian and Scots army led by Oswald of Bernicia, and a Welsh army led by Cadwallon of Gwynedd. The Welsh were defeated in the battle.

The Battle Site is marked by a stone cross next to the B6318 Road about one and a half miles southeast of Chollerford, at St Oswald's Church. There is a small Car Park on the Roadside with an Information Board and a short walk to St Oswald's Church.

There is a good Walk from the east side of Chollerford Bridge, down the Riverside to Chesters Bridge, and east to St Oswald's Church following the Hadrian's Wall Path. The Path passes Brunton Turret and a short section of the Wall.

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