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Carlisle is the largest City in the northwest of England, popular for Shopping, Restaurants, Bar Diners, historic Cathedral and Castle.

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The Train Station is in the City centre by the Gates to the Old City centre, as seen in the image top. Many of the top Hotels are close to the Train Station.

The Town centre Square, in the second image, is 300 yards from the main Gates into the Old City centre. This area has a good number of Shops, Cafes and Restaurants.

Carlisle Cathedral is next to the City centre Square, one of the top attractions in the City. The area around the Cathedral is extremely scenic, popular with photographers and artists. The earliest parts of the Cathedral were built in the 1100s.

Carlisle Castle is on the north side of the City centre, with a walkway across the main road. The earliest parts of the Castle were built in the 1100s. The Castle was fought over during the Scottish Wars of Independance from the late 1200s - early 1300s, and the War of the Roses in the 1400s.

Carlisle Old City Walls run from the Castle in the north to the Citadel by the Train Station in the south, about 1 and a half miles around. The Walls were built around the same time as the Castle, from the 1100s, by the occupiers of the Castle, at times Scots, but mainly English.

The Tullie House Museum is next to Carlisle Castle, giving information on life in the area from Pre-History - Today, also with an Art Gallery.

Carlisle is a good base for visiting Hadrian's Wall, with the main section of Hadrian's Wall being about 20 miles west. There are regular buses and trains to the towns of Haltwhistle and Hexham, from where you can use the Hadrian's Wall Bus to take you around the main sections of the wall remaining, and the Roman forts and towns.

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