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Filey is a small Town on the northeast coast of England, in Yorkshire, 43 miles east of York. This is a more relaxing Beach Resort than the larger Bridlington 10 miles south, or Scarborough 8 miles north.

The Town is popular for its Beaches, Diners, Amusements, Kids Open Air Pool, Museum, St Oswald's Old Church, Country Park, and Primrose Valley Holiday Park. See bottom of page for Area Attractions.

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The image top is of the north end of Filey Beach with a large Amusements, Cafes, Diners and a Slip for getting Boats into the Sea. The Cliffs to the north are where you can walk out to an area known as Filey Brig.

The Promenade runs for about 1 mile south with a number of Kids Play and Putting.

The 12 foot high metal Statue of a Fisherman is in the middle of the Promenade, named A High Tide in Short Wellies, bought by Maureen Robinson in 2012 as a tribute Fishermen from the area, as Filey was built around the Fishing industry. Maureen Robertson also bought the similar Freddie Gilroy statue for Scarborough around 2011.

At the south end of the Promenade is the Kids Open Air Pool. Large Open Air Pools were popular in the area from the late 1800s to mid 1900s. Inexpensive flights to Spain from the 1970s led to most of the large Open Air Pools being closed.

Next to the Pool is a row of multi coloured Chalets leading to a Cafe and the long South Beach.

Above the South Beach is Crescent Gardens flanked by impressive buildings built in the 1850s.

Charlottes of Filey Restaurant is just round the corner from the Crescent Gardens. The novelist and poet Charlotte Bronte lodged in this building in 1852 when it was a holiday home named Cliff House. Charlotte had health problems at that time, with her hoping the fresh sea air would help.

Filey Methodist Church is on Union Street in the Town centre, where most of the shops can be found.

Filey Museum is at the north end of Union Street, on Queen Street, in a 1600s building, covering the History of the Area and Fishing.

St Oswald's Church is a short walk north north of Queen Street Map. St Oswald's was built from 1180 on a high point with Fishermen using the Church as a reference point.

St Oswald's Church is at Filey Country Park, a large park high above the North Beach, popular for Flying Kites, Dog Walking, Bird Watching, and its views over the Town and Beaches.

Primrose Valley Holiday Park is just over 2 miles south of Filey. The first large Holiday Park here was opened in 1945 by Butlins, so large it had its on Train Station, with that Park closing in 1983. The Primrose Valley Park opened next to where the Butlins Park was, not sure what year.

Area Attractions

Filey Bird Garden and Animal Park 1 mile north YO14 9PG

Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery 5 miles south YO14 0PH

Wold Top Brewery 8 miles southwest YO25 3HS

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