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Housesteads Roman Fort and Hadrian's Wall is situated about 27 miles east of Carlisle, 32 miles west of Newcastle next to the B6318 road.

The fort is run by the National Trust and English Heritage.

This is one of the largest forts with one of the best preserved sections of Hadrian's Wall running through the fort.

The image below is from the large car park looking at the visitor centre.

Housesteads Roman Fort Map

Housesteads Visitor Centre image

The image below is of the large information board at the visitor centre giving aerial views of Housesteads Fort and Hadrian's Wall. The Roman name for the fort is Vercovicium.

The visitor centre has a cafe and small cinema showing Roman life at in the area.

Housesteads Information Board image

The image below is of Housesteads Roman Fort up on the hillside, under half of a mile walk from the visitor centre.

One of the buildings to the left of the fort holds the museum with artifacts from excavations of the fort such as altars, jewellery, tools and weapons.

Housesteads Roman Fort image

The image below is from Housesteads Roman Fort looking east along Hadrian's Wall. This is one of the best places for walking along the wall.

The wall ends not far over the hill in the distance, it is then a mound and path from there east towards Chesters Fort, Corbridge Fort and Newcastle.

The wall runs west to Cawfield Quarry, about 5 miles in distance. This is the top section of Hadrian's wall, winding its way over the hilltops for about 7 miles. About 2 miles west is Sycamore Gap, where the most famous tree in the north of England has grown next to the wall, between two rocky hills.

Housesteads Hadrians Wall image

If you are on the Hadrian's Wall trail, traveling east, your next attraction will be Chesters Roman Fort 8 miles east.
Chetsers Roman Fort Map