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Liverpool Cathedral

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Liverpool Cathedral is close to the centre of Liverpool on St James's Mount, free to visit with a small fee to go up to the top of the tower, with a lift so far, then steps up past the Bells to the top viewing area.

The Cathedral has a large car park with a small fee.

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Liverpool Cathedral is a Protestant Anglican Church of England.

The modern Roman Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral of Liverpool is half of a mile north.

1880 - J. C. Ryle became the first Bishop of Liverpool, using the small St Peter Church on Church Street.

1885 - a new Cathedral was to be built next to St George's Hall by the Train Station, but the area was too small for a huge Cathedral.

1904 - the building of Liverpool Cathedral began to the designs of Giles Gilbert Scott, half of a mile southeast of St George's Hall at St James's Mount.

1910 - the Lady Chapel was completed.

1914 - 1918 - work slowed during World War One.

1920 - work began again with a full workforce.

1930s - the Whitechapel Bellfoundry in London made the Bells for the Cathedral, the heaviest and highest ringing peal of bells in the world.

1939 - the outbreak of World War Two led to a reduced workforce again.

1940 Sept 5th - Liverpool Cathedral was damaged by German Aircraft Bombs.

1948 - work began on the Cathedral again at full pace.

1960 - Giles Gilbert Scott died aged 70.

1962 - work began on the much smaller and modern Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral half of a mile north.

1967 - Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral was completed.

1978 October - Liverpool Cathedral was completed as the largest in the UK, longest in the World, 8th largest Church in the World by volume.

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