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Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

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Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral is close to the centre of Liverpool on Mount Pleasant, free to visit.

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Liverpool Cosmopolitan Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Church.

1845 - 1852 - a large number of Irish moved to Liverpool during the Potato Famine in Ireland.

1853 - a Roman Catholic Cathedral was to be built, but only the Lady Chapel was completed. This was then used as a Parish Church.

1904 - work began on the huge Liverpool Anglican Protestant Cathedral, that would become the 8th largest in the World.

1933 - work began on a new Roman Catholic Cathedral, that was intended to be the second largest in the World, after St Peter's Basicala in Rome.

This Cathedral was to be built in Red Brick with a huge Dome, a similar design as St Paul's Cathedral in London. Image.

1958 - work on the huge Roman Catholic Cathedral was abandoned due to cost and time it was taking to build.

1962 - building of the much smaller modern Cathedral seen today began to designs of sir Sir Frederick Gibberd.

The new Cathedral was built on the foundations of the huge Cathedral that was only partially built.

1967 - Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral was completed at a height of 85 m / 279 ft.

The look of the Cathedral, and with it intended mainly for people of Irish origin, it soon became known as Paddy's Wigwam.

1978 - Liverpool Anglican Cathedral was completed with great views between the two.

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