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Birdoswald Roman Fort, Museum and Hadrians Wall is the most westerly part of the wall, and most westerly fort. It is situated about 16 miles east of Carlisle by the village of Gilsland.

If you are traveling from the east, Birdoswald is 44 miles west of Newcastle.

Birdoswald is one of the main forts built alongside Hadrian’s Wall, the wall built from 122 AD - 128 AD with Emperor Hadrian living 76 AD - 138 AD.

The image below is of Hadrians Wall at Birdoswald with the car park about 50 yards down to the left, and visitor centre about 30 yards behind.

This is the start of the wall from the west, or end if you are travelling from the east. This is a good section to walk following the wall about 4 miles east to the Roman Army Museum and Waltown Quarry, as can be seen in the distance, the highest hills straight in line with the wall. The wall stops at Gilsland then it is a path past the village and on to Walton Quarry where the wall begins again.

The path passes the remains of Thirwall Castle built from 1255.

From Walton Quarry, it is about 10 miles to the other end of what remains of Hadrians wall just past Housesteads Roman Fort. This 14 miles has the best preseved sections of the wall, the other 59 miles is now just a path or mound.

This 14 miles of wall is over the highest and most rugged points along the route, so has great views, and is a good walking test.

You can walk from here to the Quaries or Housteads Fort and catch the Hadrian's Wall Bus back, but only certain buses run to Birdoswald, so check the times.

The 1 mile walk from here to Gilsland is real good passing the remains of a turret, going down into a gorge, across a bridge, up steps beside the wall, then into Gilsland.

Birdoswald Road Map

Birdoswald Roman Wall image

The image below is of the Birdoswald Visitor Centre next to the wall. The road running west past the visitor centre has a section of Hadrians Wall for about half of a mile. The wall ends there, it is then a mainly a path all the way to the west coast.

About 3 and a half miles west is the remains of Banks Turret, a great viewing point looking south.

About 4 miles along this road is Lanercost Priory, another must visit on the Hadrians Wall Trail. Map.

Birdoswald Visitor Centre image

The image below is of the inside of the Birdoswald Museum showing the history from Roman times till the present day.

Birdoswald Museum image

The image below is of Birdoswald Farmhouse. The earliest farmhouse here is reported to have been in the early 1200s, with the earliest parts of the current farmhouse built in the 1600s, the tower added in 1858. The last tennant left the farmhouse in 1984.

The farmhouse was raided a number of times by the Border Reivers or Raiders. These raiders were Scottish and English, raiding farms along the borders from the 1200s to the 1600s. King James 1st of Scotland and 6th of England was credited with bringing an end to the Reivers.

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The farmhouse at Birdoswald is now available for accommodation. Popular with walking groups, school parties, Girlguiding UK, Scouts or large groups of families or friends. Tel: 01697 747 602. Website.

Birdoswald Farmhouse image

The image below is of the Roman Fort foundations next to Birdoswald Farmhouse. There are many information boards showing images and giving information on the different parts of the fort.

Birdoswald Roman Fort image

If you are starting out from Birdoswald, there are another 5 main forts along the route to visit, all with their own interesting features.

Next along the route is the Roman Army Museum and Walltown Quarry, about 4 miles east.

Birdoswald to Gilsland Walk Photo Tour.

Birdoswald to Chesters Map for the B6381 road alongside the wall.

Birdoswald Official Website